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Most politicians know what needs doing

– they just don’t know how to get re-elected once they’ve done it!   What does it say of us as passive bystanders, listening ad nauseam to politician’s spin and half-truths that lead to political dysfunction? Why do we put up with such stuck-in-our-ways inefficiency in an age of such progress in other areas of […]

bad things happen when good people do nothing

We don’t escape guilt in anything that’s wrong unless we do something or speak up. If we’re complacent we’re complicit. Being a helpless victim or a hapless observer is still a choice. Even sitting quietly in our chair will harm anyone who’d benefit from us getting up to help. As Eldridge Cleaver said, “…if you’re […]

‘Exhaustipated’ describes the average voter !

… a mix of 2 words: exhausted and constipated. We are up against powerful vested interests who profit from the status quo. They are well resourced, have loud voices and strong motivations to keep things as they are. In numbers they are a minority, but we’ve become a disenchanted and apathetic majority. Having a vote […]

Is neo-liberalism a kick to the bulls for investment?

Government is not as bad as we think. Apple received its early stage funding from US government’s programs and all the technologies which make the iPhone ‘smart’ were State funded: the Internet, wireless networks, GPS, microelectronics, touch-screen displays and the latest voice-activated SIRI personal assistant. “Most of the revolutionary innovations that fueled the dynamics of capitalism […]

We need the grace to accept things that can’t be changed, the courage to change the things that can and the wisdom to know the difference  – Reinhold Niebuhr

Nowhere is trust more important than in politics and the public sphere. It comes from shared values, of wanting to act together and form goals to be held in common. But trust is fragile and can be fractured. If the belief takes hold that political and economic systems are stacked against them, individuals will exit […]