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– the “wicked problem” of Toondah, Straddie & Moreton Bay

Australia’s Mining Boom is over, most of the profits went overseas and little tax was paid. There’s lots of talk about unemployment and perking up other industries.

What’s this got to do with Redlands and Moreton Bay?

Well, just over there is another mine. A Sand Mine. On Stradbroke Island. Pros and cons about its future have been fiercely debated for years.

Once again Queensland has a hung parliament. And hence, once again Moreton Bay and the future of Straddie hangs in the balance.

Toondah PDA Aerial June 2014

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad has said that the Toondah Harbour development precinct is part of the transition plan

and sand mining company, Sibelco said that it will take 40 years for the transition from sand mining to tourism on the island.

Both these statements are so far from the reality of the situation that they’re not even wrong!

The people of Redlands can influence what happens next with this ‘wicked problem‘.


By looking at the BIGGER PICTURE

The fact is that we have great economic opportunities in the Redlands without impacting on Moreton Bay.

In the following please consider:

How the 60 hectare Toondah Harbour reclamation will severely impact the bay.

How the Tourism industry could revitalize Straddie, employ the miners, give us our island back and provide much needed amenities.

How a bridge to Straddie – or any of the Bay islands – will ruin the islands and the bay.

How there’s a better ferry departure point for Straddie.

How tourism can also help revitalize Cleveland and the Redlands.

And you’ll also see some ideas that will make Redlands a better place to live.

All this requires is for the people of Redlands to wake up to the potential of the unique place they live in and to keep a close eye on a Council that is bereft of ideas because of its one-eyed focus on residential development.

Graham Carter