New Video grapples with Toondah Harbour mega-proposal

Moreton Bay, its wildlife and it’s fishing  are under threat from the Toondah Harbour mega-development proposal

1.4 million tonnes of wetlands and seabed are planned to be dredged – 60% more than at controversial Abbots Point –

.. to create land for 10 storey buildings, 3600 units with a population of 10 000 people and a 400 berth marina. All we wanted was a harbour!

Referring to the damage that mud plumes from dredging can do to wildlife, top marine scientist, Dr Charlie Veron says “Mud is a Killer…”

Share the video, check out the website and get ready to vote for a new Council on March 19

Authorised by: Graham Carter, 67 Valley Rd Wellington Pt 4160