Poem: I’m Moreton Bay – Please Help Me


A poem that links the threat to Moreton Bay and our way of life in the Redlands 

The bay’s health has declined significantly since the above poem was written 20 years ago – yet Redlands City Council is about to put the bay under its greatest threat ever with a huge residential development on 60 hectares of land to be reclaimed from the Bay and destruction of its marine habitats.

There are a great many folk who regularly work, play and research in Moreton Bay. They range from bird-watchers to ferry and charter boat captains, National Park rangers, skippers of yachts and trawlers, oystermen, canoeists and private anglers.

They’re a diverse bunch from all walks of life, but speak to them and they all have one thing in common: They’re all concerned with the dramatic decline in wildlife numbers they’re observing.

See website for more details:  Threats to Moreton Bay


Graham Carter