Deadline to Oppose 2035 Extension of Straddie Sandmining

The Katter Party Bill currently in parliament paves the way to a further extension of sandmining on Stradbroke Island to 2035. There’s only days to act to make a submission by Feb 29. 

The Queensland Government must retain its commitment to phasing out sandmining on Stradbroke Island by 2019 and expanding the island’s existing tourism industry to ensure a strong, sustainable economy for all who live and work there.

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We urge you to make a personal submission to the Parliamentary Committee by 4pm 29 February. Give your own personal connection to the island and why you value it.

The Gov’t Bill won’t be enacted without support and there are huge pressures working against it. The Katter Party Bill is before the house and extends mining to 2024 and paves the way to a further extension to 2035 should there be a change of government.

The main point to make in your submission is that you support the Government Bill and oppose the Katter Party Bill and that sandmining is shortsighted whilst tourism has long term benefits to everyone including the original owners. Let’s get our island back.

Remember that in the 2013/14 financial year, Sibelco operations in Australia earned $412 million but paid zero tax to the Australian Tax Office. Whilst most of the proceeds from locally based tourism enterprises flow back into the community. Moreover, these enterprises pay their taxes.

You can read more about the two Bills:

Email submissions to  by 4 pm 29 February 2016

Finance and Administration Committee
Parliament House
George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

sand mining on north stradbroke island