If this development application gets the go ahead it will set a precedent that could be repeated around the Redlands:

proposed-units-fernbourne road-wellington-pt

A proposal has been made to demolish 3 modern low-set homes at the southern end of Fernbourne Road, Wellington Point in order to construct a 5 storey, 41 unit development as above.

This is your opportunity to express your concern about the scale of residential developments that’s occurring in the Redlands. It’s easy to voice your opinion to Council with this example objection letter here.

This development is outrageous

  • The proposal doubles the Permissible Density: One unit per 103 square metres is proposed instead of the stipulated one unit per 200 square metres
  • There are traffic and safety concerns: The exit into Fernbourne Road from the proposed development is only 40 metres from the blind bend and railway bridge to its south
  • There is no recognition of the Koala habitat overlay and most trees on the site will be removed despite the Tree Protection order (1996) that should protect the 75 year old stand of cypress
  • It makes a mockery of the Apartment building code, which states any development, “should complement the character of the surrounding area.” And stresses the importance of “respecting existing streetscapes in established areas”.

* This is a litmus test for Councillors: Are they going to adhere to town planning guidelines?

* It highlights the shortcomings of the City Plan 2015 which gives little attention to the identity of the Redlands and none to community’s concerns

There’s no excuse for ever increasing development activity in the Redlands, squeezing more houses and units on to ever smaller plots. This results in more traffic and noise and impacts on quality of life and the pleasant environmental aspects that made us all want to move to the Redlands in the first place.

Submissions from the public close on Wednesday 14 December 2016

It’s easy for you to have your say

Click on downloadable pre-addressed letter.

The concerns are listed but please add your own objections.

Remember the future is not something we’re heading for … but results from things we choose to do or choose to ignore today.

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Graham Carter

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