Redland Council Candidates – who don’t accept developer funding

These candidates are not against development, they’re against taking donations from developers. They are also not against business – in fact they’ve got ideas that will enhance business and employment.

They’re simply committed to act in the community interest when considering development applications.


The Candidate List:

For those divisions marked** see bottom of page

**Division One – Wellington Pt/Ormiston – Wendy Boglary

**Division Two – Cleveland/Nth Stradbroke – Craig Ogilvie

**Division Three – Cleveland Sth/Thornlands – Paul Golle, Troy Robbins

Division Four – Vic Pt/Coochie/Thornlands/ Red Bay – Lance Hewlett

Division Five – Red Bay & Bay Islands – Junita Grosvenor

Division Six – Mt Cotton/Sheldon/Thornlands/Vic Pt/Red Bay – Melanie Lavelle-Maloney

Division Seven – Alex Hills Sth/Capalaba – Murray Elliott, Janine Healey

**Division Eight– Alex Hills Nth/Birkdale Sth – Tracey Huges

Division Nine – Capalaba – Jesse McNamara

Division Ten – Birkdale Nth/Thorneside – Paul Bishop,

and of course the Mayoral candidate, Greg Underwood, who will lead them


* Due to the way their challengers have arranged their allegiances, we have been advised that for both Wendy Boglary and Paul Golle you should Vote 1 only for these candidates.

* In Division 8, Vote Tracey Huges 1, Kathy Reimers 2, Alan Beard 3

* For Craig Ogilvie it is best that you vote preferentially

* Tom Taranto is running in Division Two also and we understand that he has not accepted developer funds, but our suggestion is that you vote 1 for three term Candidate, Craig Ogilvie and vote 2 for Tom Taranto


The reason for our recommendation for Councillor Ogilvie is as follows:

Whilst everyone agrees that the biggest challenge Redlands Council faces – as a whole – in forthcoming election is developer influenced decision-making by a certain clique.

However,if we look at the principle challenges that each Division in the Council separately faces over the next term, we see that most of them are in Division Two:

  • Threats to the cessation of sandmining on Straddie by 2019, if the Katter Bill is successful
  • Optimizing the response to the cessation of sandmining through tourism promotion, infrastructure planning and repairs necessary from mining and neglect
  • Threat of a bridge to Straddie
  • Toondah Harbour development
  • Threat to Moreton Bay from above development (Div 2 is responsible for the largest part of the Bay)
  • Cleveland’s dying town centre

We’d contend that the only issues of equal magnitude faced by any other Division, would be from the Shoreline development

Hence we think it vital that the Candidate who represents Division Two, the 3 x term Councillor Craig Ogilvie, should be re-elected.

Councillor Ogilvie is far more familiar with the above issues, and those affected by these issues, than any other person.

Councillor Ogilvie also has represented Division Two admirably and this is no time to be changing our allegiance to him.

Authorized by Graham Carter, 67 Valley Rd Wellington Pt 4160