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The Internet – weapon of mass distraction

I’m going to talk about the most unfulfilled promise in activism: the thought that the internet would streamline and thus mobilize political activity. After all, such participation used to entail finding addresses, licking envelopes, traipsing to the post office… when suddenly it could all be done with a click of a mouse. More news and […]

www.balance.org.au – Mating ground for Ideas

  Beyond Business as Usual Redlands could enhance its tourism potential and reap wide ranging benefits. I don’t mean 5 star hotels, luxury resorts or Club Med, the type of tourism I’m thinking of makes the place attractive for visitors and residents alike. Basics like good restaurants, farmer’s markets, cycle paths, walking trails and mangrove […]

No More Business as Usual

  Do we want to encourage business development in the Redlands, and if so, what sort? What we don’t want is for Redlands to become a dormitory town where more and more folk have to commute outside the area for work. This is inconvenient for commuters, adds to our traffic problems and takes business and […]

Mayor Karen Williams has gone ..

and Beards are out of fashion! Greg Underwood will be our new Mayor from Saturday 19th March. Now we need to ensure we vote for Councillors, who like Greg, have principles. See: Our Preferred Candidate List   And for Division Two (Cleveland and North Stradbroke): We particularly have to remember the man who did more […]

The hammer needs to fall on misconduct in Council

And it can with your help A complaint was lodged with the State Member for Cairns, Rob Pyne and was tabled in State parliament on 17th March 2016. The accompanying letter said: In Redland City repeated travesties of local government administration, occasioned by Mayor Karen Williams intervention on behalf of property developers, have aroused persistent suspicion… She […]

Famous brands found to be wanting

The Redlands Q&A session continues: Like Campbell Newman, Tony Abbot and Volkswagen – has Mayor, Karen Williams become a tarnished brand? Let’s examine the evidence: Q: Why has Williams had to absent herself from the Council Chambers on over 30 occasions in the past 4 years when Council have been reviewing development proposals? A: Companies […]

Q&A comes to the Redlands

We still have a situation in the Redlands where builders who haven’t made contributions to unprincipled councillors’ campaigns, can lose out to those who have And those who have get spectacular returns on their investment Making such contributions may not be illegal … but is it right? We made some videos and wrote a website because […]

Oh what a beat-up!

  There are very good reasons to maintain our support for Councillor Ogilvie. Take a look at the seven biggest challenges that Redland City Council face over the next term, and you’ll see that six of them are in Ogilvie’s Division Two: Toondah Harbour over-development Threat to Moreton Bay from above development (Div 2 is […]