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Famous brands found to be wanting

The Redlands Q&A session continues: Like Campbell Newman, Tony Abbot and Volkswagen – has Mayor, Karen Williams become a tarnished brand? Let’s examine the evidence: Q: Why has Williams had to absent herself from the Council Chambers on over 30 occasions in the past 4 years when Council have been reviewing development proposals? A: Companies […]

Q&A comes to the Redlands

We still have a situation in the Redlands where builders who haven’t made contributions to unprincipled councillors’ campaigns, can lose out to those who have And those who have get spectacular returns on their investment Making such contributions may not be illegal … but is it right? We made some videos and wrote a website because […]

Jobs & Sobs

– the “wicked problem” of Toondah, Straddie & Moreton Bay Australia’s Mining Boom is over, most of the profits went overseas and little tax was paid. There’s lots of talk about unemployment and perking up other industries. What’s this got to do with Redlands and Moreton Bay? Well, just over there is another mine. A […]

Oh what a beat-up!

  There are very good reasons to maintain our support for Councillor Ogilvie. Take a look at the seven biggest challenges that Redland City Council face over the next term, and you’ll see that six of them are in Ogilvie’s Division Two: Toondah Harbour over-development Threat to Moreton Bay from above development (Div 2 is […]

Poem: I’m Moreton Bay – Please Help Me

  A poem that links the threat to Moreton Bay and our way of life in the Redlands  The bay’s health has declined significantly since the above poem was written 20 years ago – yet Redlands City Council is about to put the bay under its greatest threat ever with a huge residential development on 60 […]